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Dear Kim,  
              Pets Prefer Home Pet Sitters is a business that this area has long been in need of, I’m certainly glad you ventured into it. I felt so guilty the last time we went on vacation and had to put Meadow in the kennel, not that the kennel didn’t try to make her happy, but she was listless and ate very little while we were gone. This last trip I was more nervous then normal since Meadow had just started taking daily medication, but you both handled her easily. She ate...she took her pills....and she slept on her own bed each night. Thank you for such caring service.

                                                                                                    Jennifer and Brian Noble
                                                                                                            Bordentown, NJ
Dear Dana and Kim,

                  I’m glad I found your literature for Pets Prefer Home Pet Sitters in my groomers shop. It’s not easy to get someone to watch multiple both did great. Three dogs are a handful, the cat isn’t quite so much to watch, she’s not very social, but caring for our Shelby, Gizmo and Lexy is busy work. The dogs love you, they didn’t even seem to mind watching us load our luggage in the car, they normally get crazy then. We truly appreciate your kindness and wonderful service. It’s so nice to know that we can make plans again and have our pets looked after in our home, we’ve passed up many opportunities to travel because we weren’t comfortable with the thoughts of putting the gang in a kennel. Thank you for such incredible service.

                                                                                                    Charlotte Cooney
                                                                                                       Columbus, NJ
Dear Dana,  
            It was a pleasure doing business with Pets Prefer Home Pet Sitters. Tony and I enjoyed our weekend away, and it was easy to go knowing that you had Molly under your watch. I knew when we had our first meeting that you truly love your job and handle dogs well. Molly is sometimes strange around others, but she took right to you both. It was reassuring to be able to call you while we were gone and know that she was eating and maintaining her normal routine. It was good to get home, we missed her, but she did terrific. Thanks for bringing in the mail and watering the plants, I like knowing the house is “lived-in” while we are away. Keep the key on file, we’ll be calling again.        

                                                                                                          Thank you,
                                                                                                     Maryann and Tony Borics
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